The Arts Ripple Effect – Valuing the Arts in Communities

A modest investment in the arts can deliver a significant return on investment for government agencies and the private sector.

The arts have the potential to bridge our worlds, harness the wisdom of our different views, engage our imagination to explore new ways of thinking and create experiences that can be shared by all people in our community.

Arts can make a vital contribution to our wellbeing in our communities and arts-based initiatives are being adopted to create vibrant public spaces, attract cultural tourism and support local economies, to engage public debate, to connect and inspire communities and provide skills development and employment opportunities.

Local governments across the Victoria invest 20% of total government expenditure on cultural activity, and combined employ more than 550 staff in the sector, making their contribution a critical element in the growing cultural vitality of our communities.

The narrative and case studies in The Arts Ripple Effect: Valuing the Arts in Communities present a credible case for supporting the arts in our communities – it is an evidence based advocacy tool to articulate the social and economic value of arts participation and investment.

The Arts Ripple Effect: Valuing the Arts in Communities presents evidence and case studies addressing six key ways that supporting arts in communities generates important outcomes:

1. Building Community Pride and Identity

2. Inspiring Community and Civic Participation

3. Creating a Culture of Inclusion

4. Contributing to Resilient Local Economies

5. Promoting Health and Wellbeing

6. Liveable Cities, Liveable Towns

The Arts Ripple Effect: Valuing the Arts in Communities has been produced by Castanet with the support of Arts Victoria and the Australia Council for the Arts.

Castanet is a network of Victorian arts organisations, artists and government agencies that works to support and increase arts participation in the community. It offers professional development programs as well as access, advocacy and information services to individuals and organisations interested in developing community arts projects.

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