There are many state, national and international organisations and resources relating to community-based arts practice. The following links and resources are some examples, which provide information and practical ideas. You can also look for help in finding unlisted resources at the Castanet Exchange.

Victorian organisations and resources

Making Art with Communities: A Work Guide
Making Art with Communities: A Work Guide has been developed by Arts Victoria in conjunction with VicHealth and Victorian community arts network, Castanet.
Launched in June 2013, the publication is the first of its kind in Australia, providing a step-by-step guide that navigates the complexities of embarking on community arts projects. Making Art with Communities provides expert, practical advice for artists and communities who aspire to establish projects in their local area.

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Arts Victoria

The government body charged with advising on and implementing arts policy, developing the arts and cultural industries across the State and ensuring access for all Victorians. Supports the arts and cultural industries to encourage excellence, develop good ideas, build audiences, encourage participation and improve facilities. The website has information about grants, publications, useful websites and arts and cultural organisations.

Strengthening Local Communities; Arts in Community Settings

Presents the findings of an evaluation of two community-focused grants programs – Arts Development for Communities and Arts Residencies – which were undertaken in 2006

Cultural Development Network

An independent non-profit agency that links communities, artists and local government councils across Victoria. The website includes publications, projects and links

Regional Arts Victoria

The peak Victorian agency resourcing and supporting contemporary and innovative regional cultural practice. The website information about artists, projects, funding, touring.


The Victorian Health Promotion Foundation. The website has information on funding, publications and previously funded projects

National organisations

Australia Council for the Arts

The Federal Government arts ministry. The website has information, publications and grant information.

Art and Wellbeing

An Australia Council web page that assembles ideas and case study material that demonstrates connections between community cultural development and government ‘wellbeing’ initiatives. Written by Deborah Mills.

Community Cultural Development in Australia

A community development website detailing projects, people, links and publications.

Regional Arts Australia

A national regional arts website including a regional artist directory, case studies of recent arts projects and information on creative volunteering workshop programs.

Other State organisations and resources

Arts Nexus

The peak development agency for the creative sectors and communities of Tropical North Queensland. Arts Nexus connects artists, creative producers, organisations, enterprises and communities.


Queensland Arts Council’s online resource of practical tools and templates, information and ideas to take the ‘hard yakka’ out of developing community arts.

Community Arts Network SA

A South Australian community development website which includes a good list of publications about CCD and where you can obtain them. The website also includes published artwork and a national CCD journal and offers distance education in the Graduate Diploma in Community Cultural Development.

Community Arts Network WA

The Community Arts Network WA mobilises and incubates community-based creative ventures. The website provides information on funding, resources, information and contacts.

Country Arts SA

Supports the arts in regional South Australia. The website includes information on funding and regional arts programs.

RedHOT Arts Central Australia

A not for profit organisation which promotes the cross cultural arts sector of Central Australia. The website provides information about arts activities and resources for artists.

Tasmanian Regional Arts

Works with artists and a wide range of organisations and communities to support the development, presentation and promotion of the arts throughout Tasmania.  The website includes information on arts projects and resources.

International organisations

Arts Resource Network

The Arts Resource Network website includes a variety of information and tools including the following publications:

  • Why community arts: An overview of why and how the arts contribute to community.
  • Strengthening the arts in your community: Ideas for identifying and enhancing the arts in your community.
  • The arts as a tool to solve problems: How the arts can play a role in addressing community issues and problems
  • Developing a project.

Community Arts Network USA

A US organisation that promotes information exchange, research and critical dialogue within the field of community-based art. The website includes documents projects, theory, history and practice from across the world with many information sheets and a good selection of helpful links. The ‘Reading room’ section of the website has information on history of CCD.

Arts Council England

The national development agency for the arts in England. The website includes comprehensive publications and information sheets.

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 for Culture is a publication of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the international peak body for local government. This document addresses the importance of cities and local governments adopting cultural development.

Center for the Study of Art and Community

An association of creative leaders from business, government and the arts who have succeeded in building bridges between the arts and a wide range of community, public and private sector interests.

City of Seattle, Office of Arts and Culture

An organisation that promotes the value of arts and culture in Seattle. They heighten awareness of the civic value of culture in such arenas as arts education, economic vitality and cultural tourism. The website includes information about artists, art projects, public art and education.

Culture Shapes Community

An organisation that recognises neighbourhood based arts and cultural organisations as unique stakeholders in enhancing poor neighbourhoods through programs that make use of local identity and public space, promote social integration, offer opportunities and empower all to have a strong voice for change.