Castanet is a network of Victorian arts organisations, artists and government agencies in partnership with Arts Victoria. Castanet supports community-based arts and cultural development in Victoria by offering professional development programs as well as planning, brokering and information services to anyone who is interested in developing community arts projects and activities.

The Arts Ripple Effect – Valuing the Arts in Communities

A modest investment in the arts can deliver a significant return on investment for government agencies and the private sector.

The arts have the potential to bridge our worlds, harness the wisdom of our different views, engage our imagination to explore new ways of thinking and create experiences that can be shared by all people in our community. Read more…

Castanet roundtable artist membership

Victorian-based artists can be part of the Castanet Roundtable. Artists will be required to demonstrate significant skills and experience in arts and community development, with a particular interest in Victoria. Three artists will selected. While participation is voluntary, members of Castanet are expected to attend four meetings per year and to remain engaged with Castanet activity. Artists will be paid a sitting fee for each meeting. For further information contact John Smithies at Cultural Development Network on (03) 9925 0282 or Erica Sanders at Arts Victoria on (03) 8683 3204.

Information Exchange

This on-line question and answer exchange enables any questions related to the arts to be posted to a collection of skilled and experienced advisors drawn from across agencies, arts organisations, community organisations and individuals. It is the easiest quick answer spot for the arts.

Professional Development

Castanet’s Professional Development initiative aims to offer professional development, through dialogue and knowledge exchange. The processes of the Professional Development Working Group enable experienced artists, working in a range of communities, to reflect on their practice and to address, along with peers, issues pertaining to arts in community settings.